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Electron Beam Controller Units


Power Supplies

4kV-10kV Solid State 19”rack mount power supply with built in gun control and filament transformer ( 2 wire hookup, no separate filament transformer needed)

Fully adjustable 4kV-10kV output voltage, 0-1A output current
Compact 3U height 19” rack mount, 50Lbs
Fast arc response, full recovery <10ms 
208V or 400V 3 phase input power
Built in RS-232 and RS-485 communications for full automation of system

We also offer 6kW,10kW,15kW power supplies capable of running up to 3 electron beam sources using separate gun controllers and filament transformers ( see Source controller section)

XY Sweep

Fully programmable XY sweep generator designed to run most all 4 pole sweep coil setups

Can drive most all 4 pole sweep coil configurations
4 pre-defined sweep patterns ( circle, spiral, fig 8, line) fully adjustable settings let you control speed/phase/amplitude/dwell times and XY offsets
Up to 95 user defined patterns available
RS232 interface or digital I/O interface
CE compliant
½ rack mountable
110-220v input
Max output- 5amps 
Max frequency- 200hZ
Interlocked for safety

Source Control

Used with power supplies that require separate gun control and filament transformer to drive filament and emission currents

½ rack mountable
208V single phase input power
Voltage output -12VAC
Current output- 0-70 Amps
CE compliant
Remote mount filament transformer included
Interlocked for safety
Will accept 1-10volt input signal from most all deposition controllers


Auto Indexer

Direct drive auto indexer for pocket rotation of electron beam sources

8 pocket configurations standard
Micro stepper motor
Can be operated manually or automatically from deposition controller or PLC
CE compliant
110-220volt input power
200in oz torque rating



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