CNC Machine Shop

High output, precision CNC machining centres are the power house behind ITL’s success as an OEM supplier to the world’s leaders in vacuum. Economies of scale, low overheads, vast experience, efficient manufacture, materials sourcing and procurement, are all factors which make ITL a first choice supplier of vacuum hardware. Flanges and sub components are machined in 304L, 316L and 316LN Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Full traceability is available on all materials used. Sizes typically range from 30mm to 419mm diameter.  

Based in ITL’s Menzies Road factory the department houses several CNC machining centres. In addition, the ITL CNC Engineers have gained many years experience of manufacturing and handling components for High and Ultra High Vacuum applications.


Manual Machine Shop

ITL’s manual machine shop is manned by highly skilled operators with many years of experience at manufacturing high and ultra high vacuum instrumentation. The facility manufacturers welded components such as Tees, Crosses and Elbows for standard catalogue ranges of vacuum hardware and materials worked are typically 304L and 316L stainless steel.

Larger non-standard vessels for UHV applications and up to 2M in diameter are also manufactured. Welding, leak testing, cleaning, polishing and inspection departments are able to provide a high quality, finished, packed product to ITL stores. Regular batches of standard components frequently flow through this section, but enquiries for one off non-standard assemblies are also welcomed.


Welding Facility 

Welding is a critical part of vacuum component manufacture and quality of welds largely determines the ultimate performance of the vacuum system. 

ITL’s highly skilled welders have developed TIG welding to achieve high quality and reliable, ultra high vacuum fabrications. 

Certificates of conformity and leak test certificates can be provided on request. Items welded can be as varied as large batch production of standard vacuum components or the assembly of precision aligned multi-ported UHV chambers up to two metres in diameter.


Glass Shop

ITL’s original business was founded on expertise in the manufacture of glass to metal seals. Today ITL manufactures glass encapsulated ionisation gauge heads, viewports, glass and ceramic feedthroughs. The rare glass working expertise is available as a resource to our customers.


Assembly Room

Highly skilled operatives assemble delicate, precision products in the ITL assembly department. Items manufactured in this section:

• Ionisation Gauge Heads

• Leads and Connectors

• Filaments and Filament Kits

• Special OEM parts


Leak Testing

All welded components are helium mass-spectrometer leak checked as standard procedure. Leak test certificates and certificates of conformance can be provided on request. All products follow a manufacturing routing providing traceability and record of all leak test operations.

We are able to leak test components and fabrications of all sizes, efficiently and accurately. Graphical representation of leak rates can be provided on request using ITL’s Turbo and Residual Gas Analyser (RGA) Spectra equipment. 


Automated Cleaning 

All vacuum components pass through one of ITL’s two fully automated cleaning plant. These cleaning systems include ultrasonic wash and de-ionised water rinses, followed by hot air drying to eliminate all sources of contamination from internal surfaces. All products are handled and protected to ensure they are packed in a clean condition. 

We will be pleased to consider customer preferred cleaning specifications, particular solutions, rinsing and drying methods. Hand polishing and electropolished finishes can be quoted on request.