From aluminum to zirconium, in powder, pellets, targets, substrates, foils, rods and crucibles. ITL Vacuum components are pleased to represent Neyco for their complete deposition materials range.

Sputtering targets, are manufactured with wide a range of shapes and sizes, with a verity purity levels, allowing customers to match targets to their specific requirement. We offer crucible liners, evaporation source materials and substrates. Allowing us to support you with all requirements, for both R&D laboratory use and industrial production.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any requirements or further information.

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Materials vacuum deposition guide

This is a technical guide about thin film deposition with vapor pressures table - if you need guidance choosing the correct material start here.

Vacuum Deposition Guide (PDF)

Inorganic powders

Powders and pieces, aluminum to zirconium, 99% to 99.9999 % pure with particle size from 1 micron to 10 mm

Product List (PDF)


Granules, pellets, pieces, tablets and shaped sources are available in virtually any known inorganic composition and range of purities

Product List (PDF)


Sputtering targets 99 % to 99.9999 % pure

Product List (PDF)

Precious metals

Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Rhodium and alloys on request: targets, wires, pellets, crucibles

Product List (PDF)

Refractory Materials

Evaporation materials for layers using thermal evaporation and electron beam

Product List (PDF)

Crucible Liners

Crucible liners protect the water-cooled copper hearth in electron beam units and eliminate the risk of contamination.

Product List (PDF)


Single crystals and pyrex substrates for thin film deposition

Product List (PDF)

Wires, foils and rods

Ribons, wires, clads, spheres, brazing alloys, soft solders

Product List (PDF)

Evaporation Sources

This source selection guide is provided to help you determine which evaporation source type might fit your needs to make your thin film coating a success.

Product List (PDF)