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ITL understand the needs of the major vacuum equipment suppliers and users. We work in partnership with our customers to supply a complete hardware range for CF, ISO and KF products from stock and offer a comprehensive special order service for one off and limited run components and chambers. All custom components and vacuum chamber manufacturing include design service, chamber testing and conditioning facilities.

Products are produced to the highest quality standards yet still offered at competitive prices and are backed by the highest level of customer service. Our products are ISO 9001-2008 compliant with 99.8% item acceptance on 200,000 items despatched per month and where required we can offer production routing and material trace-ability.

We are a high volume manufacturer offering, CNC manufacture, semi automated mills and large capacity turning. Due to a continual investment program we are able to offer a cost efficient low cost base combined with highly competitive bulk material procurement including 304L and 316L, 316LN, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. All this combines to ensure we remain exceptionally competitive.