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Electron Beam Spare Parts List

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IEB2850-01 Emitter 992850-01
IEB2850-02 Emitter 992850-02
IEB2414 “T”Ceramic Insulator 992414
IEB1852 Sweep Coil 991852
IEB0527 Pack of 5 Filaments 990527
IEB2330 Pack of 5 Filaments 992330
IEB2845 Anode 992845
IEB2846 Beam Deflection Shield    992846
IEB2852 Cathode Block 992852
IEB2853 Cathode Block 992853
IEB2847-01 Lh Clamp 992847-01
IEB2847-02 Rh Clamp 992847-02
Most all other spare parts are available and in stock, please contact us if you do not see the part you need in the above list.


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